Introducing Fingopay

Biometric Payments

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Safest, fastest and smartest retail payment system.
No more PINs, passwords, cash or bank cards.

Now available at Copenhagen Business School.

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You’re Unique

Realise The Value Of Your Identity

Fingopay is a fresh way to pay, brought to you by Sthaler. It is the most secure way to prove identity, using only your finger. The reader uses Hitachi VeinID technology. Infrared light maps the unique 3D pattern of your veins.

This biometric signature is a one-of-a-kind personal identifier. Unlike fingerprints, it can’t be damaged, stolen or forged. Our cloud-based matching system verifies the payment in seconds. It’s fast, safe and simple.

How It Works

3 Simple Steps


Register a card to your finger


Use your finger to pay


Receive your receipt via email

The Biometric Finger VeinID™ Scanner

Infrared Technology


Registration process takes three minutes to link finger VeinID™ scan to Fingopay account,

Vein Mapping

Builds a 3D map of veins within a finger, creating a natural, encrypted ‘personal digital key’.

Cutting Edge

Fingopay has been developed with the support and endorsement of Visa and Worldpay

Biometrics – A New Era

No more PINs, passwords, cash or bank cards.

World First

Now Live At Brunel University, London

Now thousands of students at London’s Brunel University can pay for groceries with Fingopay.

Our readers are installed at points of sale in the campus convenience store.
The cash-free transactions are verified by Worldpay, using the unique vein pattern in a shopper’s finger.

This biometric map cannot be copied or stolen. Customers can arrive in store without wallet or phone, and pay securely using only their finger.

Watch Our Videos

Keen to learn more? View some of our videos below

What is Fingopay? 2:28

The first match-on-cloud biometric platform. Forget cash, card or even mobile; how about paying with the VeinID™ in your finger?

At the Bar with SkyNews 2:35

Get served faster at Proud Camden. Watch our SkyNews interview talking about Fingopay biometric payment VeinID™ technology.

How it Works 0:48

Check out how the Fingopay biometric VeinID™ scanner works and the registry process.

In The Media

The Most Talked About Biometric

“Handy if you’ve forgotten your purse or wallet,” BBC.
“Money at your fingertips,” The Times.
“The first supermarket in the world to let customers pay for groceries using 3D scan of their finger,” Daily Mail.


With biometric VeinID™ we aim to remove the need for cash, card or mobile device and make life simpler and safer for customers all around the world.

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