Pay With Just Your Finger

Fingopay lets you prove your identity and pay using only your finger. It enables fast, safe, secure transactions. There is no need for cash, cards or passwords.

The reader uses Hitachi VeinID technology. Harmless infrared light maps the unique pattern of your veins. Our cloud-based matching system verifies payment in seconds.

Unlike fingerprints, your vein pattern leaves no trace and cannot be copied. It is an ideal biometric for high security authentication.


Fingopay Stories

Fingopay was created to solve the issue of transactions at music events. Our goal was a cashless festival: No plastic, no cash, no phone. Just you.

After proving a hit at Festival Number 6, Fingopay launched a world-first payment and loyalty system at the legendary Proud bar, Camden.

Now thousands of students at Brunel University and Copenhagen Business School can pay in shops and canteens using only their finger.

We continue to collaborate with our fantastic channel partners to create new Fingopay stories for you.


Award Winning Tech

Of course we think Fingopay is brilliant. But don’t just take our word for it, ask the industry experts.

Fingopay is both the Tech Product of the Year (Restaurant Tech Live) and winner of the prestigious Game-Changer Award (Emerging Payments Association).

And we were named as a breakthrough brand in a high level Interbrand report, produced in conjunction with the New York Stock Exchange and Facebook.

Our Trusted Partners

We work with an ecosystem of key, trusted partners to help bring Fingopay to as many people as possible. They are vital to us.

These partners help us solve problems ranging from speeding up self-service and rewarding great customers, to age verification and frictionless payments.

In practice, we think of all Fingopay users as partners, rather than customers. Each has a key role to play. And together we are stronger.



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