70% of businesses will rely on biometrics by 2022 – Gartner

8th February 2019

70% of businesses will rely on biometrics by 2022 – Gartner New call-to-action

Is your business ready for the new Industrial Revolution? The next three years will see exponential growth in biometrics as more and more industries adopt the technology.

Soon the vast majority will gain access to the workplace with just a scan of their finger…and they will be doing the same when they are commuting, shopping or having fun.

Business analysts Gartner predict that by 2022 more than 70% of organisations will be using some form of biometric authentication for their workers.

That is an increase from fewer than 5% of companies in 2018!

Ant Allan, Gartner’s Research Vice President, explains the trend as businesses seek to “balance trust and accountability against the total cost of ownership and UX/CX.”

He adds that the continued migration of applications to cloud and mobile is further fuelling the growth.

And, as the relative cost of biometric authentication technology falls in price, more and more businesses are considering it as their go-to solution.

Gartner warns that businesses should be careful which biometric solution they choose. To minimise the dangers of fraud and spoofing, they say “liveness testing” (such as that inherent with Fingopay) is essential.