Our mission

To create a universal identity authentication solution which helps everyone complete transactions in seconds. By removing the need for cash, cards, ID or mobile devices we’ll make life easier, simpler and safer for Fingopay users worldwide.

We want to solve the identity problem in B2C relationships. We’ll do this by delivering a more convenient, rewarding and secure user experience. And in turn, this will make every transaction become more valuable for our customers and partners.

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Who we are

We’re the world’s first identity authentication and payment solution powered by Hitachi’s VeinID technology. With just a scan of a finger, Fingopay delivers simple, speedy and secure transactions. So there’s no need to carry cash, cards or mobile devices for identification, payment, access and loyalty schemes. 

The Fingopay solution

Our solution is multi-purpose. That’s what gets Fingopay customers excited. Because no other product brings together such a wide range of identity services. Or simultaneously delivers payment, access, age verification and reward offers. All with a single scan of a finger.

Why VeinID? 

It’s the future of biometrics.  Everyone has a unique vein pattern in their fingers, and unlike fingerprints, vein patterns leave no trace and can’t be copied, making it ideal for high security authentication. Fingopay VeinID can’t be spoofed and outperforms other biometrics, such as face recognition and fingerprint, in terms of security, speed, reliability and accuracy. 

How does it work?

Fingopay’s VeinID reader scans finger vein patterns using harmless infrared light. It’s then converted into an individual ‘digital ID’ key and stored securely in the cloud. Users register to link their vein pattern with their bank card. Then all they need to do is scan their finger to pay, prove their age and earn rewards.  

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Leading the charge

Fingopay was founded by music entrepreneur Nick Dryden, from the desire to create a cashless experience for festival goers.  Since then we’ve brought together an experienced team of proven entrepreneurs and experts who share one common goal. To create a universal identity authentication solution. One that helps everyone complete transactions in seconds. 

Nick Dryden


John MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Binns

Chief Marketing Officer

Stuart Nelmes

Chief Technical Officer

Dan Cox

Financial Director

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