America Demands Biometric Authentication

By June 12, 2018 Uncategorized

More than half of Americans believe biometrics are either very, or extremely secure. And the technology is now the most trusted way to identify yourself in an increasingly digital economy.

The seismic shift in opinion is revealed in the latest IDology Consumer Digital Identity Study. “We’ve reached a turning point in how consumers view and value identity verification,” says John Dancu, CEO at IDology.

With cybercrime at record levels, he believes we are entering a new era of identity verification, privacy and trust.

The survey finds that 90million Americans have been victims of a data breach in the past year. And 57% are more worried about their security today than they were twelve months ago.

It reveals that 54% rate biometrics as secure, with higher-earning Americans feeling most strongly about its security.

The report concludes: “Consumers feel on-edge and insecure. Americans want to be protected but also want convenience.”