How do you make Fingopay even faster? Watch us

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Can you cram five years of blood sweat, sweat and tears into just six minutes? Fingopay director and CMO Simon Binns gives it his best shot.

His challenge was to explain the benefits of VeinID biometrics to the Stadium Business Summit…against the clock. Will he beat the buzzer?

#SBS2018 is the world’s number one meeting for the owners, operators and developers of stadiums, arenas and sport venues.

The two-day conference was held at the Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester. It is the essential industry meeting of the year.

An #SBS2018 spokesman said: “Fingopay are the forerunners in replacing bank cards with finger scans, as well as using them as ticket replacements for events.

“It’s a really great idea, no doubt we’ll be seeing more of this new tech.”

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The day finance experts made Fingopay their No.1 biometric

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Industry leaders at the prestigious Money20/20 conference named VeinID the best biometric solution for their most important transactions.

The huge swing in favour of finger vein recognition came after a talk by Sthaler | Fingopay CEO, Nick Dryden.

Experts from the FinTech and financial services industry were persuaded of its benefits duringin a session titled Biometrics 2.0, on the future of payments.

Nick and Stephen Ritter, CTO of Mitek, led the fireside chat with a packed Arena Stage audience at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam on June 4.

A vote at the beginning of the session showed most of the 300+ professionals present favoured fingerprint.

But by the end of the session there was a 160% swing towards VeinID. When the vote was rerun, almost half (47%) ranked finger vein recognition ahead of all other biometrics.

Money20/20 said biometrics “empower businesses to future-proof their systems against ever-evolving cyberattacks, streamline existing processes and improve the customer experience.”

America Demands Biometric Authentication

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More than half of Americans believe biometrics are either very, or extremely secure. And the technology is now the most trusted way to identify yourself in an increasingly digital economy.

The seismic shift in opinion is revealed in the latest IDology Consumer Digital Identity Study. “We’ve reached a turning point in how consumers view and value identity verification,” says John Dancu, CEO at IDology.

With cybercrime at record levels, he believes we are entering a new era of identity verification, privacy and trust.

The survey finds that 90million Americans have been victims of a data breach in the past year. And 57% are more worried about their security today than they were twelve months ago.

It reveals that 54% rate biometrics as secure, with higher-earning Americans feeling most strongly about its security.

The report concludes: “Consumers feel on-edge and insecure. Americans want to be protected but also want convenience.”

Cybercrime will cost $6trillion-a-year by 2021 – are you secure?

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Banks use digital innovation to surprise and delight their customers. But how do they do this while staying one step ahead of cyber criminals?

VeinID biometrics lets banks improve efficiency AND security, says tech giant Hitachi.

More than two-thirds of finance professionals lack confidence in the security of mobile payments, according to a survey for the Association of Financial Professionals.

And CSO Online predict the rush to adopt new digital platforms will expose online businesses to cybercrime costs of $6trillion by 2021. Hitachi says that VeinID, “doesn’t just prevent fraud, it presents some compelling savings for banks, too.”

Their detailed infographic here explains all.