Now you can own part of Fingopay.

Our aim is to build communities. Crowdfunding is an opportunity for us to grow the Fingopay family with likeminded investors. This is as fundamental to our growth as the funding is.

We want bright, ambitious investors who share our goals of making payments faster, easier and more secure for EVERYONE.

To fund the next stage of our growth we are allowing members of the public to buy shares in Fingopay for the first time. That’s why we are live on Crowdcube.

Investors will be teaming up with Fingopay and our influential group of global partners to deliver a ground-breaking worldwide payment solution.

Ray Hockley, Senior Solution Manager at our partners Hitachi explains: “We have been working closely with Fingopay to build a pipeline of business.

“You don’t need a credit card. You don’t need a phone. You don’t need a QR code. It’s just you, all you need to pay is your finger.”

And Mark Kneen, Account Director with world-leading Point of Sale business NCR, adds: “Fingopay could potentially make that customer experience much better.”

Our CEO Nick Dryden says: “The potential market is massive…consumers are driving the world towards a cashless society. And they want to use Fingopay.

“We have built an incredible team here with extensive experience. And we are looking to capitalise on this opportunity.

“With your investment we can start out city-by-city rollout strategy. And build Fingopay as a scheme that is available everywhere.”

Nick adds: “Together we will create a global platform for payment and identity, giving you control over your identity.

“All you need to do is use your fingers, press invest and you will own part of the future.”

Click here to find out how you can become a Fingopay investor.

Investments of this nature carry risk to your capital. Invest aware.