Fingopay – Coming soon to a stadium near you

28th November 2018

Fingopay – Coming soon to a stadium near you

Football fans will soon be able to prove their identity and pay with just a touch of their finger. Thanks to vein recognition biometric technology.

Fingopay is working with Verteda, who provide management and hospitality solutions for stadiums and arenas, to improve the matchday experience.

Verteda today announced its plans to integrate Fingopay into its Point of Sale systems and roll it out across the Stadium and Hospitality sectors.

The company’s statement says: “Finger vein technology is set to become a popular way to purchase at more stadiums across the UK in the future.”

While Matthew Prosser, Sales Director at Verteda, explains: “This is an exciting time for stadium payment technology.

“We’re going beyond the traditional boundaries of cash and even card transactions, offering consumers a wider array of payment methods to improve the customer experience.”

He added: “Fingopay gives stadiums and hospitality venues the ability to collect more insightful data about their customers’ purchases to improve service delivery and be more operationally efficient.”

Simon Binns, Chief Commercial Officer for Fingopay, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Verteda who are leaders in the category.

“This is the culmination of many months work with Verteda and will be a world first in the stadium market.”

Verteda announced they will introduce Fingopay to “one of the UK’s leading stadiums” in the near future.