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Fast and frictionless transactions. No more ID, cash or cards means less queuing and a better customer experience.

Reduce costs. Built-in age verification means less staff needed to cover in-person till checks.

Go green. Send a digital receipt to save time and paper.

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Richer insights. Link basket-level data to provide business intelligence, richer customer data for existing dashboards and support CRM activity.

Personalised promotions. Know who your customers are and what they’re buying, to send hyper-targeted, real-time offers.

Encourage repeat business. Instant loyalty scheme sign up. Recognise and reward loyal customers even if they stay anonymous.

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Reduce risk. Minimise exposure to error, theft, chargebacks, disputed payments and shrinkage.

Protect your reputation. Identify and age verify customers. 

Peace of mind. Fingopay is tried, tested and approved by the payment industry.

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One action. Many benefits.

Want to serve customers quickly and encourage repeat visits? Fingopay has the answer. Our unifying identity solution simplifies and enhances identity, payment and loyalty schemes. And unlike contactless payments and apps, Fingopay requires just a scan of a finger to link to these and many other consumer and retail services.

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