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Save time.  A hassle free, quicker way to prove your identity and pay for things, with less time spent queueing at checkout.

Stay connected. Link to other schemes such as  venue access to concerts and gigs, season or travel passes.

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Don’t miss out. Automatically earn rewards from your loyalty programmes.

Join the biometric revolution. Be part of something amazing. The days of remembering 20 different passwords will soon be over. In future, all you’ll need is you.

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Peace of mind. No need to worry about carrying ID or cash, deal with lost or stolen cards or remember loyalty cards.

Stay in control. You manage your Fingopay account. Add multiple debit and credit cards, switch between them and chose the right card for the right occasion.

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ID Authentication
ID Authentication
Virtual pass
Virtual pass
Earn rewards
Earn rewards
Fingopay device

Register once. Use anywhere.

Only three steps to get started. Create an account online or on your phone. Visit a Fingopay kiosk to scan your finger. You’re good to go!

  • Enter personal details
    Enter personal details
  • Link card
    Link card
  • Scan finger at Fingopay kiosk
    Scan finger at Fingopay kiosk
  • Ready to pay immediately!
    Ready to pay immediately!

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