Your finger is as unique as you are

Use it to pay

No wallet? No problem!

We all have a unique vein pattern hidden in our fingers. Now you can use it to prove identity and pay.

There is no need for PINs, passwords. All you need is you. So, you can leave your wallet at home.

Fingopay is much more than a fingerprint. We map the pattern of veins within your finger. Which means that you – and you alone – have access to your funds.

Single digit security

Because they are inside the body and invisible from the outside, finger vein patterns are extremely hard to steal and do not change with age. It is an ideal biometric for secure authentication.

VeinID has also been shown to have lower false rejection and acceptance rates than other biometrics, like fingerprint.

So, you can make fast, secure payments with confidence.

Convenience And Control

Now you can spend and earn rewards with just a touch of your finger. You demand faster and easier payments from biometrics. Fingopay delivers.

Contactless cards or mobile wallets have a limit of £30 per transaction. But, due to our ability to securely confirm your identity, Fingopay allows payment without limits.

And we can add offers or rewards from loyalty schemes when you pay, without having to use a loyalty card.

Value your identity

Fingopay uses Hitachi VeinID technology. Harmless infrared light maps the unique pattern of your veins.

The image of this intricate biometric signature is converted into an encrypted template and matched to the one stored on our database. It confirms your identity in a matter of seconds.

We put your identity at the heart of a transaction. Control of the data is in your hands. You direct how that information is used and by whom.