How can merchants prove the age of their customers?

By January 22, 2019 Uncategorized
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In our digital world, the growth of fake ID has created a minefield for shops selling age-restricted products.

Now that includes everything from lottery scratch cards, knives and alcohol to energy drinks, solvents and cigarettes.

And the cost of getting it wrong can be enormous. They include fines, damage to reputation and loss of sales.

But, according to the FindBiometrics Year in Review survey, shoppers themselves have come up with the answer to the proof of age problem.

A staggering 83% agree that they would be happy to use biometric authentication, especially “to pay for age-restricted substances such as alcohol or cannabis.”

FindBiometrics believe this is the great untapped market for biometric authentication that will become a reality in 2019.

The report explains: “Biometric authentication is often readily embraced by consumers.” 

It concludes that large scale infrastructure will soon be in place to make biometric age verification a reality.

FindBiometrics adds: “Sthaler, for example, has been trialing a system that links users’ unique vein pattern biometrics directly to their payment accounts, allowing them to make purchases without the need for a physical payment card. 

“It isn’t hard to imagine such a system being used to confirm a consumers’ age at the same time.”

Watch this space.