How We’re Helping Cities Get Even Smarter

20th September 2018

How We’re Helping Cities Get Even Smarter

Industry experts have named Fingopay’s vein recognition the most exciting tech solution for improving the way we live today.

The judging panel at the Telegraph’s prestigious Smart Cities Conference 2018 voted unanimously to crown Fingopay the winner of their SME showcase.

Now in its fourth year, the event connects the UK’s brightest council and private sector leaders to drive innovation in frontline services.

An audience of 300 government officials, smart city experts, technologists and innovators discussed ways to bolster regional economic development.

They were looking for transformative tech solutions with the power to improve their citizens’ quality of life.

According to the Telegraph, 1.3 million people are currently moving into cities each week. And the global smart cities IT market is expected to be £25 billion annually.

Cisco estimate that cities run on information can improve their energy efficiency by 30% within 20 years. And this is just the start. As technology develops, so do the opportunities.

The SME Showcase was open to innovative companies offering smart infrastructure, healthcare, mobility and governance solutions.

Sthaler | Fingopay CEO Nick Dryden (pictured with SmarterUK chairman, Dan Byles) had 15-minutes to present Fingopay to the audience at the Corinthia Hotel, London.

Other speakers included Nokia SVP Chris Johnson; David Waboso from Network Rail and HM Government’s smart city advisor Dr Jacqui Taylor

Lily Shen, Vice-President smart cities with Hitachi Consulting praised the Telegraph event for, “Hearing from other points of view in the smart city space and networking with others.”

Corin Wilson, Head of smart cities, UKTI said: “This conference, through the level and experience of the speakers was very worthwhile.”

And Eric Woods, Research Director with Navigant Research, added: “A very interesting event with quality contributions and discussions.”