Now Vein Biometrics Help Hospitals Deliver Correct Treatment

By February 7, 2019 Uncategorized
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Hospitals are using vein recognition biometrics to ensure the right patient always gets the right care, reports the Wall Street Journal.

As patient numbers grow, it is increasingly hard for health workers to keep track. A recent Chime survey found that one-in-five hospital CIOs knew of mismatches leading to patients being harmed.

WSJ explains that the Harris Health System in Houston, Texas, has to deal with hundreds of thousands of patients with the same names. There are 2,833 Maria Garcias on file…and 528 of them have the same date of birth!

But the report says: “Now hospitals are using iris and palm-vein scanning to overcome a growing patient-identification problem.”

Biometric technology is already transforming tracking and treatment for hundreds of hospitals. And Gartner projects that, by 2022, 40% of all hospitals will be using biometrics to ID patients.

Jack Cole, administrative director of information technology for CoxHealth, Missouri, tells the WSJ: “The fact that we can identify you every time you come to the hospital is great.”