Introducing Sthaler

Not plastic people…that’s why we created Fingopay


Sthaler was formed to find a new way to pay. The company worked with music festival industry to develop a cashless, card-free payment system that was available to everyone.
We discovered a natural way to pay. One where all you need is your finger. VeinID biometrics offer a fast, easy and secure alternative to cash, cards and mobile phones.
Sthaler developed Fingopay, using VeinID technology, in partnership with Hitachi. Our registered customers use it to pay in bars, restaurants and shops.

Nick Dryden

Chief Executive Officer

Sthaler founder Nick is an authority on building digital communities and online audience engagement. He has helped organisations use the internet since 1989.

Simon Binns

Chief Marketing Officer

Former P&L Managing Director, Simon is a senior C-level leader and specialist in business development, client service, marketing, and brand communications.

Dan Cox

Finance Director & Company Secretary

Dan is a CIMA qualified and highly-skilled Finance Director with 22 years of finance experience across a broad range of organisations and sectors.

Stuart Nelmes

Chief Technical Officer

Stuart has extensive experience building enterprise technology platforms both within the financial services industry and within the retail sector.