The day finance experts made Fingopay their No.1 biometric

13th June 2018

The day finance experts made Fingopay their No.1 biometric

Industry leaders at the prestigious Money20/20 conference named VeinID the best biometric solution for their most important transactions.

The huge swing in favour of finger vein recognition came after a talk by Sthaler | Fingopay CEO, Nick Dryden.

Experts from the FinTech and financial services industry were persuaded of its benefits duringin a session titled Biometrics 2.0, on the future of payments.

Nick and Stephen Ritter, CTO of Mitek, led the fireside chat with a packed Arena Stage audience at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam on June 4.

A vote at the beginning of the session showed most of the 300+ professionals present favoured fingerprint.

But by the end of the session there was a 160% swing towards VeinID. When the vote was rerun, almost half (47%) ranked finger vein recognition ahead of all other biometrics.

Money20/20 said biometrics “empower businesses to future-proof their systems against ever-evolving cyberattacks, streamline existing processes and improve the customer experience.”