Vein Patterns Light Show Makes Amazing Art

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Amsterdam has woken up to the beauty of our vein patterns, with this stunning light show in the heart of the city.

The annual Light Festival runs until January 20. This year’s festival is on the theme of ‘The Medium Is The Message’ – a quote from Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan.

Hundreds of world-leading designers, artists and architects submit ideas for installations, but only a few get chosen…and this piece clearly got under the skin of the judging panel.

The artworks are used to illuminate Amsterdam’s canal ring, the River Amstel and a host of other locations around the city.

Hungarian engineer Peter Koros and fashion designer Reka Magyar were inspired to create the design by the complexity of brain activity.

But the blood red light show (with spots of coloured light to reflect nerve activity) reminded us of the unique biometric vein pattern used in our Fingopay readers.

Koros Design’s stunning artwork, made from lights woven into inflatable textiles is called A.N.N. – which stands for Artificial Neural Network.

The Festival organisers say: “You can see the artwork as an enlargement of this microscopic system in our brain, or in a computer.

“But also as a miniaturisation of a similar system that operates on a much larger scale, namely the cosmic web.

“The clusters of galaxies in our universe are actually connected via invisible, elongated fibres of hydrogen gas to create a web of sorts.”

Afraid we can’t get vein patterns out of our head when we see it…what about you?

Fingopay, VeinID, Artwork, Amsterdam

Vein Pattern Artwork Over Canals At Amsterdam Light Festival