What is finger vein recognition?

21st September 2018

What is finger vein recognition?

We all have a unique vein pattern hidden inside our fingers. This intricate biometric signature can be used to identify you and pay using a system called vein recognition.

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Fingopay readers use Hitachi VeinID™. It is the most advanced advanced biometric technology available.

Harmless infrared maps the pattern of your veins. The near-spectrum light is partially absorbed by haemoglobin in your blood.

This image is captured on a high tech CMOS-based camera and converted into an encrypted template. It is then matched to the one stored on our database.

Fingopay confirms your identity in a matter of seconds. Vein recognition is an ideal biometric for secure authentication. Vein recognition is perfect for payment, age verification and loyalty schemes.

Because your veins are inside the body and invisible from the outside, finger vein patterns are extremely hard to steal and do not change with age.

Everyone’s finger vein pattern is unique – even with identical twins.

All VeinID™ requires to create an image is blood to be flowing, under pressure in a live finger. It is unaffected by external factors such as dirt, moisture or temperature.

It is the ultimate wearable technology. All you need is you to prove identity…there is no need to carry cash, cards or mobile phones.

Transactions are quicker than contactless. There’s reduced fraud potential and no transaction limits.

Vein recognition is universally available, easy to use and provides superior security and matching capability versus other available biometrics.

Digital data experts Search Security say: “Unlike some biometric systems, blood vessel patterns are almost impossible to counterfeit…

“Biometric systems based on fingerprints can be fooled with a dummy finger fitted with a copied fingerprint; voice and facial characteristic-based systems can be fooled by recordings and high-resolution images.

“The finger vein ID system is much harder to fool because it can only authenticate the finger of a living person.”

Sthaler | Fingopay CEO Nick Dryden explains: “VeinID™ wins on speed, accuracy and cost.”